6 Reasons to Work in Hospitality

About one in ten of the working population is employ in the UK hospitality and tourism sectors, so it’s not surprising that these are popular career choices. About one in five new jobs are create in these sectors, and about 60,000 apprenticeships, work experience placements and jobs were create by the end of 2016. The choice of jobs and industries is breathtaking, which means you will always have plenty of options should you decide that a career in hospitality is right for you. Here are six sound reasons why it’s a fabulous choice.

6 Reasons to Work in Hospitality

Chance to Join a Fast-Growing Industry

Whilst the economic crisis has had an impact on many industries, hospitality is one of the fastest-growing areas of employment in the world. Despite this huge growth, recent reports show some regions cannot find enough skilled staff to fill their vacancies.

Ability to Be Creative

You are creating a product – either food, drink or an experience – for the delight of your customers. Once you start learning your way around, you could dream up new ways to make this experience even more delightful or innovative. It could be adding a colourful garnish to a dish or making hand towels in the guest bathrooms look like swans – the ideas are endless.

6 Reasons to Work in Hospitality

Never Get Bored

There is such enormous scope in the hospitality industry that you need never get stuck in a rut. You could work your way up the ladder with one employer or move around to gain experience in different areas such as hotels, restaurants, cruise ships or aircraft. Each will present different challenges for you to learn from and enjoy.

Dress down

Some hospitality firms will encourage staff to relax and work harder by having a dress down day. This is a chance for staff to come in and wear what they choose and businesses hope this will have a positive impact on the work they do.  You will still need to look presentable so perhaps some Men’s designer jeans and a smart shirt would be ok from websites including

Rapid Rise to the Top

There is the chance for rapid promotion if you get your qualifications and show initiative. And it’s certainly not mundane! Many of the repetitive jobs such as washing up or glass washing have been automated with commercial warewashers, taking over the boring jobs.

Broaden Your Horizons

Your skills are readily transferable, so you can use your career in hospitality to explore new countries and cultures. Many hotel chains or restaurant groups, as an example, are global, so you could find yourself working in some of the finest destinations in the world. Many vacancies within companies are advertise internally first, so you’ll get first choice of the jobs coming up.