Bring Home A Water Purification System: Drink Healthy Live Healthy

Bring Home A Water Purification System: Drink Healthy Live Healthy

Previously access to safe & healthy drinking water was not, but as the population and pollution increased the chance of getting safe drinking water become hard. These days the drinking water of our country is inferior and completely unsafe for the drinking purposes until treated by Aquafresh RO. The Aquafresh offers you various types of water purification systems, which gives you access to safe and healthy drinking water.

A water purification system design by using various techniques such as RO. i.e., reverse osmosis and UV, i.e., Ultra-violate, etc. These technologies are sufficient and eliminate each kind of water impurities present in the regular uses water. Usually, water contains several types of water impurities, such as physical, chemical, and biological.

People use various methods of water purification but among all of them. An RO water purifier is one of the best & mostly accepted practice for the same. An RO, i.e., the reverse osmosis water purifier, mainly uses a water purification method since the 1950s. There are different kinds of water purifiers in the Indian market. Most of them are based on the following technology.

Various Technology Used For Water Purifier

There are different techniques which use in water purifier out of which some of them is list below:-

  • RO water purifier
  • UV water purifier
  • UF water purifier

Aquafresh RO water purifier

An RO water purification system is based on reverse osmosis technology. The reverse osmosis technology is opposite to the pure osmosis. In the osmosis, water is along with the concentration gradient through the semi-permeable membrane. But in the case of reverse osmosis process water allow passing through the semi-permeable membrane. In the reverse osmosis water moves against the concentration gradient.

The semi-permeable membrane present in the Aquafresh RO water is made up of synthetic material which possesses several tiny pores. These small pores don’t allow any water impurities to pass through the semi-permeable membrane. An Aquafresh RO purifier can eliminate all kinds of contaminants present in your regular used water.

An Aquafresh RO water purification system can be used in those areas where the water has a high concentration of dissolved salts or used in that house where the source of water is boring well. Due to its fine pore sized it also remove micro-organisms present in your regular used water.

UV water purifier

In this water purifier UV, i.e., ultra-violate rays use to dirty water present in your water. The UV water purifier mainly uses to removes microbial impurities present in the water. The UV rays suspend the growth or kill microbes. This form of water only uses to get rid of bacterial contamination present in your regular use of water.

If your water source is municipal water, then UV water purifier is best for you because municipal water is already by several water purification methods, so the concentration of dissolved salts is optimum, but the chances of microbes presence are very high, so the use of UV water purification is best for you.

Bring Home A Water Purification System: Drink Healthy Live Healthy

UF water purifier

Ultra-filtration technology mainly uses to remove the dissolved salts present in the water. This water purification technique not solely uses for water treatment; it comes mostly in combination with the RO and UV water purifier. In RO water purifier UF technology uses mainly as pre-filter to reduce the concentration of the dissolve impurities so the life of the primary filter can save. It is also used as a pre-filter in a UV water purifier for the removal of the dissolved contaminants because a UV water purifier is not able to remove suspended impurities present in the raw water.

Get Water Filter For Home

Having a water purifier at your house ensures you safe drinking water when you wish to drink water. But the installation of water purifier depends upon the various factors such as the type of contamination, water source, a city in which you live, the price of the water purifier, etc. There are various brands of water purification system present in the Indian market which promises to deliver you the best water filter for home at the best and economical price in the entire cities of our country.

Talking about the water filter price, the water filter price list depends upon the various factors such as its types, the area in which you wish to install, brands, etc. Hence do proper research before having a water purifier or contact water purifier customer care or service center.