How does your Life change after you Swipe?

How does your Life change after you Swipe?

Dating app originated for the gay community which helped single men link up within their community in their geographic radius. Grindr was the first app launched in 2009 to cater to these needs. With the launch of Tinder in 2012, the Swipe generation was introduced to love. Casual dating, sex, and it quickly became a popular dating app in the market.

Swipe Generation

The dating culture experienced a major change with the coming of Swipe generation. So many similar dating apps came online. The relationship economy has changed in terms of how people find their potential partners. But what people are looking for has always remained constant: Companion and/or sex.

This doesn’t mean everyone has got lucky with the app or that their “Single and ready to mingle” tag had gone away. It has just changed its shape.

The Lucky birds

For those who got lucky with the dating app. Got right swipe and the match had the next task of digital introduction. Which is a lot different from meeting in person.

You can show your talent and communicate with more than words when you meet a person but with one-sided communication on chat, individuals have to be really crafty on how they impress with the art-of-word.

The Swipe generation was largely benefited as they didn’t have to meet a person in person to get to know, the interest level decides over chat. For those successful ones, who were right swiped Life After Swipe provides some interesting ways to plan the first date, understanding communication, improving romance and foreplay, spicing up the sex life, etc.

How does your Life change after you Swipe?

The Not so lucky ones. 

For all who still remain by virtue of left swiped by the opposite gender or by choice. Life After Swipe provides a section that caters to singledom, masturbation, solo pleasure, and guide to date.

Life After Swipe for all

Thus Life After Swipe caters to the youth who either swiped right and want to explore what they can do next and for singles who can learn to mingle or enjoy solo pleasure.