Is Friday the Best Day to Move Home? 

It is often said that moving house is one of the most stressful events that we will face in our lives. The whole process goes from house hunting to making offers and then buying and completing, – and then you have to box up your life and finally get round to moving home. With all these potential stresses, it’s no wonder that people try to minimise problems when the big moving day rolls around. Moving on a Friday seems a good idea, with the weekend then available to settle into your new home. On the surface, this appears good thinking, but actually moving on a Friday might bring its own unique headaches.

Is Friday the Best Day to Move Home? 

Is Friday a Popular Choice for house?

According to a poll in 2015, around 41% of all home moves take place on a Friday. To be so close to the weekend and having to take less time off work to move does seem to make sense. And for some the choice of moving day might be out their hands if they are in a chain.

Is Friday the Best Day to Move Home? 

How Can Friday Be a Problem?

With 41% of movers choosing Friday, it stands to reason that removal companies will be busy, and they may well charge more for a job on a Friday. If you move on a Friday and something goes wrong – either in the new home or with money transfers – your solicitor won’t be back in work until Monday, which may in some cases leave you unable to move in.

Friday Fraud

One of the biggest issues with a Friday is what is known as Friday Afternoon Fraud. Sadly, because this is the busiest time of the week, online criminals use this time to target email accounts used by solicitors and to steal funds. With no one back in the office until Monday, movers find themselves unable to transfer money and unable to move. Always make sure that you use a reputable online conveyancing service, like https://www.samconveyancing.co.uk/.


You can avoid this by doing all the money transfers on a Thursday, and then still moving on the Friday if you are in a chain or it fits better with your life. Or you could move on another day of the week – take those few days off work and settle in without the stress.