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The Great Varieties for the Gift Cards

Unlike the standard gift design, the group’s giveaway has advantages, as the combined power of bloggers can attract larger sponsors and more traffic. Here’s how you can manage the group’s giveaway.

Invite your group

The first thing you need to do is invite bloggers to participate in the rebate.

Every blogger needs to send a post, so be sure to invite between 7 and 15 bloggers to create a nice program. More than that will be too much to deal with.

It’s a good idea to find bloggers who have worked with brands in the past for donations or product reviews. Create a secret Facebook group to communicate and share project information. You will be the Project Coordinator and Group Administrator, but if things get a little tricky, you can invite other members to jointly manage the project.

Select a theme

Streams are successful in attracting lasting traffic when talking to your target audience. For example, this autumn we managed to give “free school allergies” to 8 foodie bloggers. If you still do not know many bloggers in your niche, it shares some great tips on how to join and find the perfect group .

For the biggest impact you will have to stop it with an event. Naturally, it was best for you to give back to school in September, so I made sure that the whole project was completed before the end of this month. What do you think are the best gifts for a grandmother? Do you agree that Prepaid Visa Gift Card are often the best way to go? Why or why not? Let’s start a conversation.

Look for the perfect hat for your theme – short, effective and popular enough to generate interest.

Your theme should be easy for search engines.

Organizing prizes

There are two options for group award awards:

Tilt your perspectives. This is ideal because it creates the basis for future branded partnerships and avoids too much of the pocket costs on your part. Collect statistics for all participating bloggers, including social media and page views. Turn them on to create powerful terrain.

Buy a gift card. Everyone donates a small amount ($ 10-20) and buys a gift card. This is useful because you do not need sponsors to offer a big prize, but you have to make sure you buy a gift card for the right niche.

The Great Varieties for the Gift Cards

Here is a great warning. While many grandmothers will appreciate a gift card at their favorite restaurant, what they really want is an opportunity to spend time with the people they love – friends and family!

So, my recommendation is this – if you plan to buy a donation at a restaurant such as Applebee’s or Olive Garden, plan to make it a family occasion. She will appreciate the gift twice more.